Honda Civic Carbon Customised Steering Wheel - Type R - FN2

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A OEM Honda Civic MK8 Steering wheel available for you to fully customise in to a re-trimmed genuine carbon fibre upgrade with an absolutely stunning finish and even better feel with its redesigned chunkier finish, flat bottom and well designed grip handles.

You can choose the type of material you require for the grip handles, the colour of these, the colour of carbon fibre you require, the colour of the stitching and colour of centre line you require at the top of the wheel.

The centre trim and button surrounds are also optional to be skimmed in genuine carbon fibre to complete the sporty and aggressive look of the steering wheel.

Further design requests can also be included within the special instructions box upon placing the order, please also confirm the model of your vehicle so we can ensure the correct core is used.

Due to manufacturing times the steering wheel will be available 6-8 weeks after being ordered - we will also double check with you to confirm the design you require.

The LED Racing Display option feature on the steering wheel offers multiple individual modes. These modes include the following: 

  1. RPM Reading
  2. When to shift (LED Lights)
  3. Speed Reading
  4. Options Menu
  5. 0 - 100KPH & 0-62 MPH Timer 
  6. BAR Reading
  7. Battery Voltage 
  8. Engine Oil Temperature
  9. Coolant Temperature  
  10. 9x Colour Selections

All of these options are accessible by 2 Buttons on the top of the steering wheel. The LED Display is Powered by 2 wires (Positive & Negative) and is connected to the vehicle via OBD port. You will receive an attachment which is wireless and plugs straight into the OBD port of your vehicle, which is commonly located below / around the steering column. 

Customer Reviews

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Marco Hayen
FN2 Carbon steering wheel with alcantara

Awesome update for my interior!!!
Beautifully finished steering wheel. The alcantara matches up with the rest of the interior of the FN2 and the stitching is great. All the buttons work perfectly. Well packed.

The steering wheel is slightly heavier than the original, but this results in a more comfortable steering behavior. I didn’t know or expected this when i purchased the steering wheel, so I’m really happy with how it all comes together.

LED Carbon steering Wheel FN2

Absolutely love it! Get loads of comments at shows and events.
So comfortable to drive with. Looks amazing.

Only downside was wiring in had to sacrifice something (so in my case control) to use the live to power the LEDs .